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Platform Overview

  • Threat Hunting
  • Adversary Deception
  • API & Integrations

Leverage the world’s most advanced cloud-intelligence database and deception network.

Sense uses cloud-native and traditional threat intelligence sources coupled with decoys to provide insights into the global movements of cloud-native and traditional adversaries, scanners, bots, and more.

Every day, we track over 20 million malicious events overlooked by standard cybersecurity tools.

Our data enables your security team to proactively hunt threats that were previously impossible to trace.

What Users Are Saying About FIRCY Sense

Check out some of our testimonials below to see what our customers think.

By using FIRCY Sense we were able to discover a threat actor directly targeting us by using an advanced decoy. We hunted the indicators that FIRCY Sense provided and was able to find evidence in our real environments, and were able to block all future attempts.


Chief Security Officer

FIRCY Sense discovered an unauthorised penetration test on our environment.


Cyber security analyst

FIRCY was instrumental in discovering a threat in one of our critical systems.


IT Manager

It’s time to get proactive. Make the first move on your adversaries.

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