Let’s tackle your cloud security challenges together.

Security Assessments

We explore & report potential weaknesses in cloud environments before adversaries do.

Landing Zones

We are experts in creating custom AWS landing zones. A landing zone is a starting point including security services and features from which you can quickly launch and deploy workloads and applications with confidence in the security of the environment.

Incident Prevention

We help you implement pro-active measures to avoid having a bad day in the cloud.

Ransomware and Extortion Protection

We help you reduce your risk from ransomware and extortion attacks using cloud-native services & features.


We deliver tailored cloud security training for teams and organisations of all sizes. We love running incident simulations and red teaming exercises.

Incident Response & Forensics

We are experts in responding, investigating and containing the most complex incidents in the cloud with a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Banner image Training session at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre cyber range.